iPhone Cases Brisbane

Need to get your iPhone protected fast?

Look no further. We have a comprehensive range of iPhone cases. A good case is a smart investment to protect your iPhone. With even the least pricey iPhone being expensive, having the right iPhone case will provide protection from against scratches, knocks and cracks. Having a case for your iPhone also allows you to personalize your mobile all without needlessly adding too much extra bulk to your phone.

So if you are looking for a case that’s slim and minimalist or trendy and hip or a case that will let your iPhone survive a mountain top drop or the deep blue sea swim, we’ve got choices for you.

We have cases that suit many needs, many budgets as well as a wide range of iPhone models.

iPhone repairers commonly see iPhones that have cracked or broken front glass/screen. This is by far the most common fault that they  encounter. It only takes a small drop in the right (or wrong) spot and it’s likely that your iPhone will look it’s been run over by a car. Having a protective case can help prevent this and stop you from experiencing first-hand the type of short life an iPhone can have if it’s not dutifully protected from harm.

Case-mate Waterfall Case

Ultra Thin Cases

Don’t want a lot of bulk or fancy designs? If you’re just looking for something simple to protect your phone day-to-day, these cases have got you covered.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases let you ditch your wallet altogether for something lighter and slimmer. These cases the ability to store a few cards, cash, and identification within a sleek case that both protects your iphone and ups the style value.

Otterbox Cases

Otterbox continues to be the go-to brand for tough, uncompromising iPhone protection. These cases are subjected to a minimum of 238 hours’ testing to protect against drops and scratches. Otterbox cases can be slim and arty while still providing great everyday protection. They are also available in more serious phone protectors that shield your iPhne against dust, dirt, mud and even snow. The Otterbox range also includes scratch and shatter resistant screen protection.

Lifeproof Cases

Lifeproof cases sit at the top end of the rugged iPhone case range. Lifeproof has a range of cases that provide protection from drops of up to 2 metres at the low end of the price range as well as giving protection from full submersion (up to 2 metres) as well as dirt, snow and debris protection at the high end. Lifeproof iPhone cases have been designed with adventure in mind. They are be about safety first but they also come with some flair, offering a range of funky and fun colour options.

We source all our cases from Campad Electronics so you know they are high quality and are the right price.