Apple’s Wireless Charger

One similarity of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro is battery life or lack thereof. Both give passable performance, but this is a rung down from 2019’s devices. usually get about just over four hours of usage for each full charge using 5G, 4G, and WiFi. Now, this is only a day’s usage, with a small buffer. For comparison, I was easily able to have about a day and a half from Apple’s iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR. Getting a day’s usage is good, however would be better to have a wider safety net especially on those days where there is a lot usage.

And on a charging note, the company has gone with an interesting policy of stopping bundling earbuds and power adaptors with iPhones because of environmental concerns. So all you will receive in their box – other than your iPhone 12 itself, is a USB-C to Lightning cable. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. EarPods are not the best, & many people will have a power adaptor. The tricky bit is the company’s selection of cable. You’ll need to have a charger with a USB Type C port to use the cable (or a computer) but unless you’re coming from an iPhone 11 Pro Max, your iPhone power brick will use a USB A port.
You can utilise an older cable and charger, however you’ll not get the the faster charging abilities that the iPhone 12 is able to provide. If you need to purchase a USB-C charging adaptor, you’re spending $40 in order to purchase one of these.

Magnetic Charger

In addition, Apple now now has a new wireless charging protocol . This system is a puck-like wireless charger that will magnetically snaps onto the rear of your iPhone 12. This provides perfect connection for a the fastest wireless charging, and it also means that you can still use the iPhone as it is juicing – which you cannot do with a non MagSafe wireless charger. You are able to have a faster charge using a normal charger, however MagSafe is able to charge your iPhone 12 from zero charge to about 40% over about thirty minutes.
And getting MagSafe is going to cost you. You will need to pay roughly $65 just for the charger itself, and $29 if you need the USB C brick. If you’re wanting the magnets that connect to your cover or case, you’ll also need a MagSafe compatible cover. Your MagSafe charger will charge through most cases, it won’t stick to it. Apple’s MagSafe cases and covers start at around the $80 mark.
Yes there are parts of MagSafe that are for magSafe devices only however, it will operate as a normal wireless charger that operates with any device that supports it. The charge will be won’t be as fast as MagSafe charging. Right now, MagSafe is a fun and somewhat expensive option, and I am interested to see where MagSafe will lead.
And most of us do not want a MagSafe charger at home, there sure is much potential when it comes to MagSafe accessories like vehicle holders where this could save time.

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