Otterbox Cases For iPhones

Best iPhone Protection: Otterbox Defender Series 

A lot of iPhone owners believe Otterbox to be the ultimate when looking for tough, rugged protection for your iPhone.  Otterbox’s Defender Series cases are the company’s toughest offering in their case range. The Defender Series has a layered design and also comes with a durable synthetic rubber slipcover that is surrounded with a polycarbonate shell that features clean lines that provide more grip. 

Previous versions of the Defender Series had a built-in screen protector, but the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro versions are screenless.  You can still combine these cases with a separate screen protector. Defender Series case owners have also found that these covers keep dirt and lint out of your iPhone’s ports. 

Defender Series cases also come with a holster that has a belt clip.  This belt clip is also able to double as a stand for your phone. 

This case’s button covers are well defined and this is a great feature as it makes the buttons easier to find and press. These cases are put through twenty-four different tests by Otterbox, with a total of two hundred and thirty-eight hours of testing.  You can be sure about Defender’s drop protection.

Best Folio: Otterbox Strada Series  Cases

OtterBox’s Strada Series cases are a style of case that wraps around the screen of your device and this provides total protection for the handset. Strada series cases also have some stylish good looks that compliment their functionality.

These Strada cases have a leather finish that will provide an attractive look to your iPhone. The leather cover wraps around the phone and this protects your screen.  This well thought out design also includes protection for all the buttons on your device. 

And additionally this case also has cardholder slots where you can store your credit cards, ID cards, as well as other cards.

As well as providing screen protection, the Strada Series come with a dual-material design that has been designed to protect you iPhone from bumps, drops, scrapes, and scratches. And since the case is a one-piece design, it will fit on and off your iPhone without any problems whatsoever.

Best Budget: Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

Are you looking for a case is all about design and simplicity as well as wanting to save some cash on your case purchase? Well then you need to look no further than Otterbox’s Symmetry Series Cases.

These cases are compatible with iPhones, and are a thinner option. Being thinner will easily fit inside your pocket and will not take up too much space. 

Symmetry Series cases are made with a dual-material that absorbs shock and keeps your phone safe should you drop it. Because the case has been designed with raised edges around the screen, should it fall flat, the screen should be kept safe. The Symmetry series is also a screenless design. 

Otterbox Symmetry cases are among the cheapest options from the Otterbox company so they don’t have all the features of the top of the line Defender case also keep in mind that prices can change slightly according to which model of phone you own. 

Additionally if you want a case that will cover the Lightning port and prevent entry of foreign objects, this may not be the case you need as Symmetry doesn’t have port covers. However these cases offer outstanding value and design considering their price.

Best Overall: Otterbox Commuter Series

OtterBox’s Commuter Series of cases are the workhorse of the OtterBox range. They offer a good balance of good looks and protection. This balance works many owners and many iPhones. Again you need to be aware that Commuter cases do not have an in-built screen protector.

The Commuter Series of cases have a two piece design. This design incorporates areas that absorb shock and provide protection from sharp objects for your iPhone. 

There are also port covers built into the case, so your iPhone’s Lightning port will remain safe.

The Commuter Series cases are designed to provide you easy access to all the buttons your iPhone has. As the case has a soft material inside, it will not scratch the phone when you install your phone into the case.

Commuter Series add a little bit more bulk than some of the other Otterbox range of cases, however they will still easily slip in and out of your pocket. 
This covers the Otterbox range of cases for the iPhone. But click here to read more about different types and brands of cases for your iPhone.

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